About Us

Welcome to Peppy Hippie Apparel, where boho dreams come to life! Founded by two passionate visionaries, Nivedita Singh and Richa Sharma, our brand is a celebration of individuality, style, and the spirit of the free-spirited bohemian lifestyle.

Nivedita Singh: Meet Nivedita Singh, the creative force behind Peppy Hippie Apparel. With a keen eye for design and a heart that beats to the rhythm of bohemian vibes, Nivedita brings a wealth of artistic flair to our collections. Her love for sustainable fashion and dedication to eco-friendly practices are evident in every piece, making Peppy Hippie a brand that not only embraces style but also values the planet.

Richa Sharma: Co-founder Richa Sharma is the business-savvy mind steering the ship of Peppy Hippie Apparel. Armed with a passion for empowering individuals through fashion, Richa ensures that our brandย stands for style, inclusivity, and comfort. She is committed to ethical practices and works tirelessly to make Peppy Hippie a beacon of sustainable and unisex fashion, welcoming everyone to express their unique selves.

At Peppy Hippie Apparel, Nivedita and Richa have joined forces to create a brand that goes beyond clothing; it's a lifestyle. Explore our curated collections and join the movement where every piece tells a story, and every story is an ode to freedom, expression, and the vibrant spirit of boho living.